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CMFMember::content::member::Member Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for CMFMember::content::member::Member:

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A description of a member

Definition at line 1441 of file member.py.

Public Member Functions

def __call__
def __init__
def __str__
def available_skins
def cm_register
def cm_resetPassword
def cm_updateListed
def editors
def fileAs
def filtered_valid_roles
def getDefaultRoles
def getDefaultSkin
def getDomains
def getEmail
def getFilteredRoles
def getFullname
def getGroups
def getLast_login_time
def getLogin_time
def getMemberId
def getPassword
def getPortalSkin
def getProperty
def getRawGroups
def getRoles
def getRolesInContext
def getSchema
def getSiteLanguages
def getUser
def getUserName
def has_role
def hasUser
def index_html
def initializeArchetype
def isListed
def isOrphan
def isValid
def lookup_provider
def mailPassword
def manage_afterAdd
def manage_afterClone
def manage_beforeDelete
def post_validate
def processForm
def registerStorageForUpdate
def setDomains
def setEmail
def setFullname
def setGroups
def setId
def setLast_login_time
def setLogin_time
def setMemberProperties
def setMemberProperties
def setProperties
def setRoles
def setSecurityProfile
def setUser
def showPasswordOnRegistration
def update
def valid_groups
def valid_roles
def validate_id
def validate_password
def validate_roles
def view

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string archetype_name = 'Member'
 base_archetype = atapi.BaseContent
string bogus = 'bogus'
string content_icon = "user.gif"
tuple default_roles = ('Member',)
 externalStorage = None
list externalStorages = []
int global_allow = 0
int listed = 0
 schema = content_schema+metadata_schema
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
 version = VERSION

Static Private Attributes

tuple __implements__

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