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def CMFMember::tools::control::ControlTool::getInstanceVersion (   self  ) 

The version of installed CMFMember 

Definition at line 195 of file control.py.

00195                                 :
        """ The version of installed CMFMember """
        # when we support more then one memberdata folder this check may 
        # have to be changed since different memberdata folders could be
        # different versions but shouldn't :)
        if getattr(self, 'version', '') == '':
            memberdata_tool = self.portal_memberdata
            if hasattr(memberdata_tool.__class__, 'portal_type') \
               and (memberdata_tool.__class__.portal_type == 'CMFMember Tool' \
               or memberdata_tool.__class__.portal_type == 'MemberDataContainer'):
                if hasattr(self.portal_memberdata,'getVersion'):
                    self.version = self.portal_memberdata.getVersion()
                    self.version = 'development'
                self.version = 'plone'
        return self.version.lower()

    security.declareProtected(ManagePortal, 'setInstanceVersion')
    def setInstanceVersion(self, version):

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