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def CMFMember::tools::memberdatacontainer::MemberDataContainer::unregisterType (   self,
  new_default_type = 'Member' 

Unregister a member type. Oposite of registerType.

Definition at line 545 of file memberdatacontainer.py.

00545                                                                   :
        Unregister a member type. Oposite of registerType.
        amt = list(self.getAllowedMemberTypes())
        # Remove type from alowed member types.
        if type_name in amt:
        # If type_name is the default, set another default type.
        if self.getTypeName() == type_name:

    # Migrate members when changing member type
    # 1) rename old member to some temp name
    # 2) create new member with old id
    # 3) transfer user assets to new member
    # 4) delete old member
    # new_type_name = meta_type for the new Member type

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