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from StringIO import StringIO
from Globals import package_home
import os, types
from os.path import isdir, join

import AccessControl
from Acquisition import aq_base

from Products.CMFPlone import MigrationTool

from Products.CMFCore.Expression import Expression
from Products.CMFCore import CMFCorePermissions
from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName

from Products.CMFMember.tools import memberdatacontainer as memberdatacontainer
from Products.CMFMember import VERSION
from Products.CMFMember.config import *
from Products.CMFMember.content.member import Member
from Products.CMFMember.tools.membership import MembershipTool
from Products.Archetypes.public import *
def _migrateTool(portal, toolid, name, attrs):
    orig=getToolByName(portal, toolid)
    tool = getToolByName(portal, toolid)
    for attr in attrs:
        setattr(tool, attr, aq_base(getattr(aq_base(orig), attr)))
    return aq_base(orig)

def _getUserFolderForUser(portal, id=None):
    f = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_url').getPortalObject()
    if id is None:
        return f.acl_users
    while 1:
        if not hasattr(f, 'objectIds'):
        if 'acl_users' in f.objectIds():
            if hasattr(f.acl_users, 'getUser'):
                user = f.acl_users.getUser(id)
                if user is not None:
                    return f.acl_users
        if hasattr(f, 'getParentNode'):
            f = f.getParentNode()
            return None

def _getUserById(portal, id):
    """A utility method for finding a user by searching through
    portal.acl_users as well as the acl_users folders for all
    zope folders containing portal.

    Returns the user in the acquisition context of its containing folder"""
    acl_users = _getUserFolderForUser(portal, id)
    if acl_users is None:
        return None
    return acl_users.getUser(id).__of__(acl_users)

def setupRegistration(portal): 
    out = []
    # restore Plone modifications after our install
    from Products.CMFPlone.setup.ConfigurationMethods import modifyMembershipTool
    modifyMembershipTool(portal, portal)
    # wire up join action to new machinery
    registration_tool=getToolByName(portal, 'portal_registration')
    for action in actions:
        if action.id=='join':
    out.append('Changed action for join')
    return out

def setupMembership(portal):
    out = []
    # wire up personalize action to new machinery
    pm = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_membership')
    actions = pm._cloneActions()
    res = []
    for a in actions:
        res.append( a.clone() )
    pm._actions = tuple(res)
    actions = res
    for action in actions:
        if action.id=='preferences':
            txt = action.action.text.replace('personalize_form', 'plone_memberprefs_panel')
            action.action = Expression(txt)
        #if action.id=='plone_setup': setupLink = 0
    pm._actions = tuple(actions)
    out.append("Altered my preferences to point at the member preferences panel")

    controlpanel=getToolByName(portal, 'portal_controlpanel')
    for action in actions:
        if action.id=='MemberPrefs':
            out.append('Set the action url for member preferences')
    return out

def pathToUser(portal, path):
    if not path:
        return None
    folder = portal.getPhysicalRoot()
    for p in path[:-1]:
        folder = getattr(folder, p)
    if u is None:
        return u
    return u.__of__(folder)

def replaceTools(portal, custSchema, convert=1):
    out = []
    typestool=getToolByName(portal, 'portal_types')
    memberdata_tool = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_memberdata')
    portal = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_url').getPortalObject()
    if memberdata_tool.__class__ != memberdatacontainer.MemberDataContainer:
        membership_tool = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_membership')

        oldMemberData = {}
        for id in memberdata_tool._members.keys():
            user = _getUserById(portal, id)
            if user is not None:
                data = {}
                data['user'] = user
                from Products.Archetypes.Field import Image
                p = membership_tool.getPersonalPortrait(id)
                img_id = p.id
                if callable(p.id):
                    img_id = p.id()
                img_data = getattr(p, 'data', getattr(p, '_data', ''))
                data['portrait'] = Image(img_id, img_id, str(img_data), p.getContentType())
                properties = {}
                m = memberdata_tool.wrapUser(user)
                for id in memberdata_tool.propertyIds():
                    properties[id] = m.getProperty(id)
                data['properties'] = properties
                oldMemberData[user.getUserName()] = data

        # replace the old tools
        memberdata_tool = None
        # delete the old tools
        if hasattr(portal, 'portal_memberdata'):

        mdct = getattr(typestool, 'MemberDataContainer')
        mdct.global_allow = 1
        addTool = portal.manage_addProduct[PKG_NAME].manage_addTool
        out.append('Added new portal_memberdata of type MemberDataContainer')

        memberdata_tool = portal.portal_memberdata
        memberdata_tool.setTitle('Member profiles')

        if USE_SCHEMA_EDITOR and custSchema:
            ### parse schema for undeletable_fields here ###
                                                Member.schema + custSchema)

        mdct.global_allow = 0

        _migrateTool(portal, 'portal_registration',
                     'CMFMember Registration Tool',
        out.append('Migrated registration tool to CMFMember Registration tool')

        catalog = portal.portal_catalog
        catalog.addIndex('indexedUsersWithLocalRoles', 'KeywordIndex')
        catalog.addIndex('indexedOwner', 'FieldIndex')
        # XXX be sure to migrate portraits before replacing the membership tool
        ms_actions = []
        if hasattr(portal, 'portal_membership'):
            _migrateTool(portal, 'portal_membership',
            out.append('Migrated membership tool to CMFMember Membership Tool')
            addTool('CMFMember Membership Tool', None)
            out.append('Added CMFMember Membership Tool')


        # Get the default member type from the control tool
        # Could be other types then default.
        memberdata_tool.setDefaultType(getToolByName(portal, 'cmfmember_control').getDefaultMemberType())
        # Get the factory for the default cmfmember type
        factory = memberdatacontainer.getMemberFactory(memberdata_tool, memberdata_tool.getTypeName())
        workflow_tool = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_workflow')
        users = ''
        for id in oldMemberData.keys():
            new_member = memberdata_tool.get(id)
            new_member._migrate(oldMemberData[id], ['portrait'], out)

                workflow_tool.doActionFor(new_member, 'migrate') # put member in registered state without sending registration mail
                #No migrate transition in the workflow.
            # change ownership for migrated member
            new_member.changeOwnership(new_member.getUser(), 1)
            new_member.manage_setLocalRoles(new_member.getUserName(), ['Owner'])
            users += id + ', '
        out.append(users + ' migrated to ' + memberdata_tool.getTypeName())
        return out

def insertSkinsIntoSkinPath(portal):
    out = []
    skinstool = getToolByName(portal, 'portal_skins')
    globals = GLOBALS
    product_skins_dir = 'skins'
    inactive_skin_dirs = ('cmfmember_plone2_0', 'CVS', '.svn')
    fullProductSkinsPath = join(package_home(globals), product_skins_dir)
    files = os.listdir(fullProductSkinsPath)
    for productSkinName in files:
        if (isdir(join(fullProductSkinsPath, productSkinName))
            and productSkinName not in inactive_skin_dirs):
            for skinName in skinstool.getSkinSelections():
                path = skinstool.getSkinPath(skinName)
                path = [i.strip() for i in  path.split(',')]
                    if productSkinName not in path:
                        path.insert(path.index('custom') +1, productSkinName)
                except ValueError:
                    if productSkinName not in path:
                path = ','.join(path)
                skinstool.addSkinSelection(skinName, path)
    out.append("CMFMember skins inserted into skins path")
    return out

def updateVersionNumbers(portal):
    tool = getToolByName(portal, 'cmfmember_control')
    memberdata_tool = portal.portal_memberdata

def migrateCustomMemberData(portal):
    out = []
    default_fields = ['email', 'portal_skin', 'listed', 'login_time',
                      'last_login_time', 'fullname', 'error_log_update',
                      'formtooltips', 'visible_ids', 'wysiwyg_editor']
    md_tool = portal.portal_memberdata
    a_m_d = actual_md_dict = md_tool.propdict()
    custom_fields = [md for md in actual_md_dict.keys() \
                     if md not in default_fields]
    from Products.CMFMember.migrations.config import PROP_FIELD_MAP \
         as prop_field_map

    select_types = ('selection', 'multiple selection')
    select_var_list = [a_m_d[prop]['select_variable'] \
                       for prop in a_m_d \
                       if a_m_d[prop]['type'] in select_types \
                       and a_m_d.has_key(a_m_d[prop]['select_variable']) ]

    select_vars = {}
    for select_var in select_var_list:
        select_vars[select_var] = md_tool.getProperty(select_var)

    cust_schema = None
    field_objects = tuple()
    for cust_field in custom_fields:
        if cust_field in select_vars:
            # we're making an assumption that if a property is
            # ever used as a select_variable, then we only want
            # to migrate it as a vocabulary and not as an actual
            # field in the schema
        prop = actual_md_dict[cust_field]
        prop_type = prop['type']
        field_info, widget_type = prop_field_map[prop_type]
        field_type, field_attrs = field_info
        field = field_type(cust_field)
        for attr, val in field_attrs.items():
            setattr(field, attr, val)

        if prop_type in select_types:
            prop_sel_var = prop['select_variable']
            if prop_sel_var and (prop_sel_var in select_vars):
                vocab_tuple = tuple()
                for vocab_option in select_vars[prop_sel_var]:
                    vocab_tuple += ((vocab_option, vocab_option),)
                vocab = DisplayList(vocab_tuple)
                field.vocabulary = vocab

        if widget_type:
            widget = widget_type(label=cust_field)

        prop_value = md_tool.getProperty(cust_field)
        if prop_value:
            # there's potentially a default value we need to capture
            if type(prop_value) in (types.StringType, types.UnicodeType,
                                    types.IntType, types.LongType,
                                    types.FloatType, types.TupleType):
                field.default = prop_value

        field_objects += (field,)
        out.append('Migrated custom field: %s' % cust_field)
    if field_objects:
        cust_schema = Schema(field_objects)
    return out, cust_schema

def oneZeroAlpha(portal):
    """ Upgrade from default Plone Member to CMFMember 1.0 alpha"""
    out = []
    msgs, custSchema = migrateCustomMemberData(portal)
    for msg in msgs: out.append(msg)
    for msg in replaceTools(portal, custSchema): out.append(msg)
    for msg in setupMembership(portal): out.append(msg)
    for msg in setupRegistration(portal): out.append(msg)
    for msg in insertSkinsIntoSkinPath(portal): out.append(msg)
    return out

if __name__=='__main__':

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